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Telling the Story

For several years Nissan, North America has supported several non-profit organizations in the United States that serve the growing Latino population. These national organizations combined serve millions of Hispanics in the United States through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career opportunities, financial literacy, college preparation and more. As Nissan continues to build relationships with the organizations they felt that they were not telling the story about these partnerships to their internal audience (employees), dealers and end consumers.

In partnership with ProLingua, Inc, a Nashville-based consulting firm that helps companies create community with diverse markets, we developed and implemented a communications plan that included quarterly newsletters in English and Spanish featuring articles on Nissan’s involvement in the community, scholarship funds given and employee community service with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. The newsletters were sent to selected dealerships in key Hispanic markets for clients and employees to learn about Nissan’s commitment to the Latino community.  


“Marcela has a deep passion and knowledge for the Marketing industry and she provides a diverse perspective to all her clients. I would recommend Marcela's expertise and services to anyone and hope to work with her again in the future.”

--Angie Burke Droz-- Marketing Director, Communications and Corporate Event Planner


In partnership with MP&F Public Relations, Marcela Gómez, served the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority for five years with grassroots efforts, advertising and public relations campaigns to help them communicate with the growing Hispanic communities in Middle Tennessee in their own language and culture. Monthly communications about new construction areas, changes at the airports, arts at the airport events and minority supplier opportunities were developed in Spanish language and disseminated into the community via videos, press releases, e-mails and social media.

During high travel seasons Gómez translated travel tips into Spanish to make sure passengers were prepared and able to have a pleasant experience at the airport. Minority Supplier information brochures and power point presentations were translated into Spanish as well as presented in Spanish to several groups to make sure new vendors could take advantage of the opportunity of being certified with the MNAA’s SMWBE program.


“We consider Marcela to be a valued partner and a key factor in our firm's successful efforts to reach the Hispanic market.” --Wayne Edwards-- Advertising & Public Relations





Charter Communications, Inc., the third largest publicly traded cable operator in the U.S., tasked Gómez with developing and implementing a marketing campaign for the U.S. Hispanic population.  Gómez positioned Charter Communications’ as a company that understood the importance and difficulty of international communication and facilitated a nation-wide initiative through strategic print, radio and television ads aimed at Hispanic families in the U.S. The services promoted through this campaign were Charter Cable and Charter Internet Services and provided the target audience with easy and affordable alternatives for frequent communication in Mexico and other Latin American countries.




“Marcela is well connected to and understands how to market to the U.S. Hispanic populations, she is knowledgeable, patient and her follow thru is impeccable. Her professional approach, thorough understanding of client’s goals and objectives has been invaluable in helping clients market to a very specialized consumer. Marcela is the friendliest, most professional, ethical leader in town!”

--Leigh Kelly Lindsey-- Account Supervisor at MP&F Public Relations

Community Engagement



Given the fast growth of the Latino families in Middle Tennessee, Tennessee State University hired Marcela Gómez to develop and implement an education campaign in Spanish to inform Spanish-speaking parents the importance of using a car seat for each one of their children.  This project was funded by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. 

The education campaign consisted of a video narrated in Spanish and a written brochure outlining the different types of seats and appropriate uses based on the child’s age.  The information was presented during a series of community events and held in conjunction with a safety seat inspection conducted by certified personnel who replaced old or malfunctioning seats with new car seats appropriate for every child. Gómez identified locations in the community to host the information and installation sessions, some of the locations were, Coleman Park, Guadalupe Church and Southern Hills Hospital. The program reached more than 450 families in six months and replaced more than 900 car seats.




“Marcela is a gem and is very instrumental in networking and connecting not only organizations, but qualified talent as well. She also continues to play a key role in working with Nissan North America as they continue to develop key marketing initiatives within the Hispanic/Latino market.”

--Felicia Johnson-- Senior Manager Diversity and Inclusion

Branding & Community Engagement





Cricket Communications, a Southeast mobile phone service provider, hired Marcela Gómez to launch a brand development and marketing campaign to reach Middle Tennessee’s Hispanic community. Gómez developed a comprehensive media relation’s campaign consisting of paid advertisement and articles in leading Hispanic print publications.

By way of Marcela Gómez, Cricket also partnered with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee and is a sponsor for projects such as the Latino Achievers Program, an educational and college preparatory initiative that reaches approximately 200 Hispanic families per year, the YMCA/Cricket newsletter distributed by Nashville Electric Services’ Welcome Box Program and the Cricket Amateur Futbol Tournament. 





“The best day I ever had in Nashville was the day I met Marcela. She created an effective marketing plan for our new company. We loved all her suggestions. She knows Nashville and the Hispanic market everywhere better than anyone I know. Marcela implemented numerous campaigns for us - all on time and flawless! She is a delight to work with. Her positive attitude and passion for what she does is apparent in all that she does.”

--Julie Dodd Thomas-- Consultant. Business Development. Product Development.

Consulting and Implementation








Nashville Electric Service (NES) recognized the growing diversity in their customer base and sought to proactively educate their Hispanic customers on NES’ products and services.  In partnership with MP&F Public Relations, Marcela Gómez, managed the Hispanic advertising and public relations campaign for Nashville Electric Service. Gómez developed written surveys and performed several focus groups to assess the concerns of NES’ Hispanic consumers.  After recommendations from Marcela, NES hired bilingual customer services representatives in the NES call center and physical main office location as well as setting up bill-paying kiosks throughout the city to facilitate cash payments from un-banked clients, added information in Spanish to their Website and established a loyal presence in the local Hispanic community by attending and sponsoring events. Under the advice and direction of Gómez, NES was also the first electricity provider in the United States to launch a YouTube channel in Spanish, which includes various videos on how to save electricity, cut energy costs and the different ways for customers to pay their bills.